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Click the link below to go to our registration page. If you are already registered, use the link to login to the parent portal.

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Memorial Elementary School No.11

Daniel F. Ryan Elementary School No. 19

Passaic Gifted and Talented Academy School No. 20

Abraham Lincoln School No. 24/ Mahatma Gandhi School No. 25

Haledon Public School


While serving..

Ulysses S. Grant School No. 7

Sonia Sotomayor School No. 21


Is there a program fee?

Certified Angels focuses on helping local families who are in need with an overall purpose to provide a safe haven for our youth to spread their wings. The fee for full time childcare services is $134.77 per week. Due to the continuous support of our community and sponsors we are able to offer a discounted rate (financial aid) of $65.00 per week to parents who do not qualify for government assistance

How do I enroll a new child in the program?

Please go to the enrollment website using the link above

Step 1: Choose Profile from tabs on top of site and select Add Member

Step 2: Answer questions regarding new child

Step 3: Select Enroll Now or go to Enrollment screen

  • Choose child you want to enroll in new service

  • Choose site where your child will be attending 

  • Choose Manual Pay or Auto Pay

  • Choose rate for which you qualify and provide requested verification information

  • Choose frequency of payments

  • Hit Continue to Payment Options

Step 4: Billing Information

  • Enter Credit/Debit Card information

  • Click Pay and Complete Enrollment

  • Read and click Agree to the Payment and Enrollment Policy

You have enrolled your child!

Which unit should I choose for my child?

The unit you want to select is where your child will be attending the primary service in which they are participating. This is typically the school your child attends.

How do I change/update information about my child?

Please go to the enrollment website using the link above

Step 1: Choose Profiles and then Members from top of website, and select the child you want to update

Step 2: Choose the tab with the information you want to update

Step 3: Choose Edit This Information at below the information

Step 4: Edit the information you want and click Update this Information

What are Art Concentrations?
Does my child have to participate?

Art concentrations are ART focused sessions done twice a week at your child's school. Your child will pick an Art concentration at his/her after school location. It will either be Art, Dance, Music or Athletics. The goal is for your child to either discover a hidden talent/passion in the Arts. Your child will be able to choose their own concentration and after 15 weeks, they will be able to try a new artistic experience.

Yes, Certified Angels requires all members to pick a concentration and give it a chance.  

Where do I register my child?

Click the button below to go to the registration website!


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