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Our Community & The Need 

The City of Passaic, also referred to as the fastest growing city in New Jersey, is home to approximately 71,085 residents, according to the 2015 United States Census. That marks this Passaic County city as the 15th largest municipality in New Jersey. 71% of Passaic's population is Hispanic/Latino, 10.6% is Black/African American, and 16.1% is White. 74.8% of families speak a language other than English at home. In 2015, the median household income was only $31,832. Furthermore, 31.6% of Passaic residents live in poverty.


Unfortunately, only 65.7% of Passaic residents ages 25 and older are high school graduates. 31.5% of the city's population consists of persons under the age of 18. That's where we come in! Certified Angels aims to provide a high-quality arts afterschool program to the children in our community. After the school bell rings, violent juvenile crime triples between the hours of 3 and 6 PM. Kids are more likely to engage in other risky activities and/or become victims of violent crimes themselves.


Students involved in extra-curricular group activities afterschool tend to perform better in both behavioral and academic areas during the regular school day. Good after school programs, like ours, are proven to reduce risky behavior in children and teens, while keeping them safe and out of trouble, as well as model how to succeed in school and in life.

Join our cause and "Help Us Spread Their Wings" 

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